Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Volcanoes, Aspens, Spires, and Joshua Tree

A variety of October weekend adventures across the southwest 

I led some young geologists through Lava River Cave, a 700,000 year old lava tube originating from the Hart Prarie shield volcano
Red Mountain amphitheater
SP Crater - one of the more well preserved cinder cone volcanoes in the region (70,000 yrs old)
SP Crater panorama
SP Crater panorama - capped with agglutinate
Sp lava flow
The class on top of SP Crater
Overlooking Grand Falls on Navajo Nation land
Lava flows filled the canyon and damed up the Little Colorado in the past, eventually lending itself to the formation of Grand Falls   
Rootless flow at The Sproul, a spatter cone in the eastern part of the volcanic field
Merriam Crater from inside The Sproul 
Long exposure shot taken from the Edge of the World, looking south towards Sedona
Aspens in the Inner Basin
Darth Vader
Colors be crazy
Sideways trees 
Yellow leaf road 
Our objective, Morning Glory Spire in Sedona 
MD be scrambling 
MD be climbing
The summit of Morning Glory Spire
Schlife be climbing
Schlife be scrambling 
"Stay there. And suck in." 
Sedona views from the top
With a rare free weekend, Derek (and company) and I made our way to the desert for some rock climbing. We opted out of climbing in the snow in the high sierra seen in the background here. 
We all took turns climbing a variety of fun routes on the Shark Fin formation in the heart of Alabama Hills climbing area
Derek leading a 10b sport route on the Shark Fin 
Derek leading a 5.9 sport route  
Derek belaying Gisele up Crooked Dick Spire 
Derek getting some trad leading practice at Joshua Tree NP
Long exposure flashlight art. Joshua Tree 
Derek wanders down the slope in the night and I capture it with my camera 
A look at the burly 5.8 crack climb I undertook in the dark
Joshua Tree National Park
Me leading some 5.9 crack climb at Joshua Tree NP
Geologizing near Mexican Hat, Utah.
Nice campsite views during a geology trip for undergrad mapping project to Mexican Hat area in southern Utah.  

Sunday, October 4, 2015

2015 Flagstaff Sky Race - VERTICAL KM

This past weekend I competed in the Vertical Km race at Snowbowl in Flagstaff, AZ, part of the Sky Race Series. The course climbs 3,281 ft. and descends 1,026 ft. over a distance of 3 miles. Other than climbing several mountains this summer, I didn't do a lot of training having signed up 3 weeks before the race.

I finished the race in 1:01:41. I was shooting for a sub hour time, but I got pretty close. 10th place overall. 5th in my age group. 52 competitors.