Monday, August 3, 2015

Torrey's (via Kelso Ridge) and Gray's Peaks

Torrey's Peak (14,267 ft) via Kelso Ridge (Class 3)
Gray's Peak (14,270 ft) Hike

August 2, 2015

On my way to Colorado for a month of lab work, I stopped at the Gray's Peak Trailhead and camped. My friends Michael and Michael met me at 5 am the following morning to bag a couple 14ers. We followed the trail until the first intersection, where we turned (right) west, gained a small saddle and began our 3rd class scramble up Kelso Ridge on Torrey's Peak. We essentially followed the ridge, avoiding the steeper and more exposed terrain by skirting around on either side. We reached the summit of Torrey's, then made our way over and up the well-defined and very popular trail to Gray's Peak (I've never seen more people on a trail then on this Sunday in early August). We then followed the standard trail from Gray's summit back to the trailhead. 5 hours round trip.

My sleeping arrangement - sleep ON tent, pull it over yourself in case of rain
Bright moonlight approach

Looking up on the sunlit Torrey's Peak and our route, Kelso Ridge 
Gray's on the left, Torrey's on right 
Looking down the ridge
Giant bird
Some fun scrambling and exposure high on the ridge
Gray's summit photo #buttgrab
Looking down Gray's. Kelso Ridge on the left leads to Torrey's Peak 
Wildflowers, Gray's Peak and Torrey's Peak