Monday, July 27, 2015

King's Peak via Henry's Fork, High Uintas, Utah

King's Peak via Henry's Fork
32 miles, class 3
July 24-26, 2015

King's Peak (13,528 ft.)
Fortress Peak (13,260 ft.)
Cliff Peak (unknown)

The second annual father-and-son adventure trip did not disappoint. Last year, I convinced my dad to climb the Grand Teton, so he learned how to climb, rappel and got in shape. This year, we decided to King's Peak and do some fishing along the way. And this time, we brought our little dog, Wyatt.

We started at Henry's Fork on Friday around noon. We enjoyed the gentle trail following Henry's Fork stream through the forest and mountain meadows with wide open vistas. We hiked about 8 miles and set up camp near Dollar Lake. We spent the evening fishing and relaxing.

We began our hike up King's Peak on Saturday morning at 7 am. We had more than 3,000 ft. to climb and 14 miles to hike. There were plenty of people on the trail but thanks to the wide open terrain it didn't seem crowded, even though it was. We reached the summit just after noon. After a brief break on the summit, I ditched Dad and Wyatt and scrambled up a couple other peaks. I told my dad I would catch up to him on the way back down.

I scrambled up Fortress Peak and another smaller summit (Cliff Peak?) and I actually met a new friend along the way. I quickly made my way down and caught up with my dad near Gunsight Pass, and we hiked the final 2 miles back to camp. Wyatt was pretty beat at this point. In fact, he's still beat.

The following morning, we hiked out and relived the memories. Great weather, great weekend.

Wyatt marking his spot, Dad disgusted walks by 
Crossing Henry's Fork stream
Dad fished, I actually just read a book
Wyatt playing with sticks, classic 
Squirrel hunting
Cutthroat Trout caught from Dollar Lake by Pop 
Wyatt patiently waiting for Dad to reel in another fish
Blowing up the pad
King's Peak is the lit up pyramid visible in the gap
Wildflowers in upper Henry's Fork Basin 
Dad hiking up Painted Basin onto the flanks of King's Peak after crossing over Gunsight Pass, seen in the backgroun
High on King's Peak, Henry's Fork basin below
Wyatt waiting and resting while Dad catches up
Catching a breather on our way up King's Peak
Wyatt and myself on King's Peak
Wyatt was tired. I gave him all my water, I love him that much.  
Looking down into Henry's Fork Basin from the ridge leading to Fortress Peak
Fortress Peak (Henry's Fork Peak) on the left, Henry's Fork Basin on the right 
Cliff Peak center, King's Peak ridge on the right
King's (left) and South King's Peaks
My new friend Celeste on Fortress Peak
Western Henry's Fork Basin from Fortress Peak 
Looking back at Fortress Peak
Back in the valley, looking up at Fortress Peak 
Wildflowers near camp surrounding Dollar Lake 
Not sure what happened 
Sleeping arrangement
Wyatt had a big 3 days, he is still recovering.