Sunday, January 25, 2015

Technicolor Corner and Others, Sedona

Spent another Saturday in Sedona and it did not disappoint.  Other than cold temps and gusty winds in the morning, it was a perfect day. We intended on climbing Epitaph (5.9+) but on the approach we passed a beautiful and clean corner that was sitting directly in the sun, which turned out to a classic route in the area - Technicolor Corner. So rather than climbing Epitaph in the shade, we opted for Technicolor Corner in the warm sun. The route is 3 pitches:
  • Pitch 1 is just the way to get to the climb (5.8)
  • Pitch 2 is THE pitch which climbs a beautiful dihedral crack (5.10)
  • Pitch 3 is a very fun and varied slab line past ~8 bolts (mostly not very trustworthy) - climb at your own risk (5.9 R) 
Windy on the early approach
Paul leading pitch 1 of Technicolor Corner
Richard leading the way up the money pitch of Technicolor Corner (5.10 trad) 
    Me working up the corner
Paul laying back on that crack
Paul on the crux
A small pocket felt like a giant hold after working through the crux
Our fearless leader on pitch 3, clipping into bolt hangers made of flimsy metal 
Me looking cool on pitch 3 of Technicolor Corner
Looking down the slab towards Paul 
This pitch was steep, ignore what your senses may tell you 
I'm all about belaying with guide ATC's and putting out the vibe 
Paul - send this one to your mom 

So after Technicolor Corner, we also climbed Anvil Spire and an unnamed Spire just next door.  It made for a full day with 3 of us.

Guys, I had to crawl to make it to the top of Anvil Spire 
Belaying Richard up Anvil Tower
Schnebly Hill Rd in the background, learn more about the namesake of Sedona and Schnebly Hill Rd HERE
Watch this cool video of Richard climbing the unnamed tower VIDEO