Sunday, March 23, 2014

Skiing the East face of Mount Raymond, Utah

With a free Saturday, the only thing Luke and I had decided on by the time we went to bed Friday night was that we wanted to ski...something.  I didn't feel particularly ambitious after a long day of skiing powder park in Mill D North Fork canyon in the morning, playing full-court b-ball at noon, and rock climbing all afternoon.  So we slept in and drove up big cottonwood canyon, looking for appealing lines to ski.  We made it all the way up to the top of the canyon and we still couldn't decide on what to ski.  We turned around and drove down the canyon, when Mount Raymond came into view.  That was it, we decided to ski the east face of Mount Raymond.  

We started skinning up the icy and dicey Butler Fork around 10 am and made our way up and into Mill A Basin where we got a great view of Mount Raymond.  The snow looked good and the sun was out. We made our way up to the saddle between Mt. Raymond and Gobblers Knob and boot packed it up the ridge to the summit. 

We choose a steep line on the east face just south of the summit and went for it.  The skiing up top was challenging, steep, and crusty.  Once the couloir opened up a bit, the snow was softer and the skiing was sweet and sustained.  We skied down and back up and over into Butler Fork, where the snow was powdery and deep.  We were back at the car by 3:30 pm.  Another solid outing in the Wasatch.  

Boot packing it up the summit ridge of Mt. Raymond
Luke sporting the long johns on the summit of Mt. Raymond
Luke about to drop in and ski the east face of Mt. Raymond
Mt. Raymond, Wasatch Range, Utah.  You can see our tracks down the east face.  We skied the snow field just left of the summit and then dropped into the couloir.