Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snake Creek Canyon Ski Run

Snake Creek Canyon, near Midway, UT, is a great place to get a peaceful workout in the winter and it's fun to ski back down, even if it is a groomed cat track.  Today I introduced my family's new labradoodle, Wyatt to the mountains.  My dog exceeded my expectations.  I skinned up the freshly groomed snake creek canyon road at a solid 3 mph, while Wyatt hesitantly followed (not exactly sure why we were hiking into the mountains and what the clunky things on my feet were).  Eventually, he caught on and enjoyed the hike as much as I did.  

Wyatt embracing the snow
Fearless mountain puppy leading the way
After hiking for about an hour, we turned around and skied down.  I took my skins off and cruised down the road.  Wyatt sprinted for 3 straight miles down hill and did really well. Unfortunately, he puked all over my car on the ride home.