Monday, February 4, 2013

Skiing in Utah

I really wish I still lived in Utah, especially in February.  If it's going to cold and dreary, you might as well get the most out of it.  In Utah, I find a way to do just that.

Over the Christmas holidays, I had 3 weeks to ski, ski, ski.  I skied twice at Grand Targhee (aka Grand Fogheee) and Snowbird, and once at Deer Valley, Canyons, Alta, and Sundance.  I also got out on my backcountry skis and did some exploring in the canyons behind Midway, UT.  Unfortunately, I did not have any fellow backcountry skiers to get out with me so I spent hours skinning and and skiing on easy slopes.  Either way, it was great to get above the inversion and enjoy the outdoors and sunshine.

Snake Creek Canyon, behind Midway, is not the ideal place to go for a backcountry tour, however, if you live in the Heber Valley, it's the closest and best option.  It is very popular for snowmobilers, but once you get off the tracked-out road, the mountains are usually untracked and ready for some turns, even a week after a big dump!

Snake Creek Canyon Video

Snake Creek Canyon