Saturday, August 4, 2012

North Timpanogos and Bomber Peak Summer Hike

North Timpanogos and Bomber Peak
Saturday August 4, 2012

The Mt. Timpanogos ridge has many fun, challenging peaks besides the highest point which is by and large the most popular.

The ridge includes:
North Timpanogos 11,441 ft
Bomber Peak 11,347 ft
Mount Timpanogos 11,749 ft
Second Summit (South Summit) 11,722 ft

To climb all 4 in one day would be a challenging day and would require a shuttle.

Today, Nathaniel and I did a mini traverse (without a shuttle) of the north side of the Timp ridge.  We started at 5:30 am at the Aspen Grover Trailhead with about 100 other people and cruised up.

                                          On the way up to Emerald Lake

From Emerald Lake, we made our way to the saddle, like everyone else, but we took a right, unlike everyone else.  From the saddle, we turned North and followed the easy ridge line to Bomber Peak, past Pika Cirque on our right (East) and up to North Timpanogos Peak.  The view back towards the main summit and South Timp is excellent.  We realized at that point, we should have dropped a car off at one point and just traversed the whole thing rather than backtracking and putting in extra mileage.  Live and learn.

                                          North Timp from Bomber Peak

We made our way back towards the hikers saddle, onto the trail and back down to Aspen Grove.  We did not attempt the main summit or South Summit as it was getting hot and we wanted to avoid overexertion.  We will be heading to the Tetons next week for a lot of climbing and elevation!

                                                     Timp ridge from North Timp