Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to Rainier

I started my second semester of grad school this past week.  As a consequence, the number of climbing trips and physical activities has and will continue to decrease.  Yet, one big trip remains before the cold weather kicks in....The Wonderland Trail.

For the last 2 months (not nearly enough) I have been training my body to get used to long, painful days of physical exertion in preparation for the 48 hour, 93 mile loop around Mt. Rainier.   I would say my body and mind are prepared for the pain.  I am hoping my stamina holds up and that no injuries set in during the course of the trek.

The following is from an email from our team leader, Michael:

0300--People at Davidson's Wake
0330--GROUP 1 (minus Kirk) leaves Davidson's
0500--GROUP 2 leaves Davidson's
0500--Kirk Wake
0600--GROUP 1 starts hiking from Box Canyon counter-clockwise (North)
Leaves one car at Box Canyon
0700--GROUP 2 start hiking from Sunrise counter-clockwise (West)
1300--Marianne Davidson reserves campsites at Mowich Lake CG
~1900--GROUP 2 arrives at Mowich Lake CG
~2100--GROUP 1 arrives at Mowich Lake CG

0500--Start Hiking

~0000--Arrive at Box Canyon

Hikers should pack enough food for the day. Nothing that needs to be cooked, high calorie, etc. . .

Friday morning before we set out we will eat bagels and cream cheese, fruit and muffins. 

My Mom has graciously offered to reserve us a camp spot and prepare dinner at Mowich Lake--we'll probably eat mountain houses cause we'll be tired and want something warm. The next morning we'll probably have oatmeal (I am open to suggestions) before taking off for miles 50-93. After that we are pretty much on our own.

The weather looks to be a bit chilly with highs in the 50's on Friday and warmer on Saturday.  Wish us luck!  Trip report to come.