Friday, November 11, 2011

Ice Climbing at the Apron, Provo Canyon, UT

The Apron, Provo Canyon, UT
WI 3-4, 1 pitch

The Apron is an ice route about 60 feet high spread across a cliff ledge a couple hundred yards west of Bridal Veil Falls.  The apron is first pitch of a longer ice route, Stairway to Heaven (7 pitches).  The apron can be top-roped, great for beginners and for safety.
Michael, Eli and I headed up to the Apron a couple times this week to check it out and get a few laps in.  The pitch isn't very long, but it is nearly vertical ice, rating at WI 3-4. Today, we did a fun mixed ice/rock route which follows a narrow slab of ice to the top of the shelf.
Most of the ice was very solid....despite the running water gushing through holes in the ice. We each climbed the Apron a couple times. We rotated from climbing to belaying to taking pics. Each of us got several laps in today and earlier this week. Ice climbing is sweet.