Saturday, October 29, 2011

Peaks: East Provo Peak

Date: October 28, 2011
Location: East Provo Peak, Utah County, UT
Personnel: Brent, Eli, and me

View of East Provo Peak from Provo Peak. This is as close at Brent and Eli ever got.

East Provo Peak is directly .5 miles East of Provo Peak and is often overlooked. It is a fun scramble from Provo Peak to East Provo Peak, while the hike up to Provo Peak from Squaw Peak road is a straight forward hike, yet very steep. I cruised up Provo Peak in exactly one hour and waited on my buddies to catch up and when they finally did, they decided to stop at Provo Peak and forgo the scramble over to East Provo Peak.
Self-Portrait from East Provo Peak

So I pressed on alone, while they watched from above. I made it down and up the following ridge to East Provo Peak in 30 minutes and was back to Provo Peak in one hour. I occasionally heard rocks cascading down Provo Peak and intermingled screaming (it was Brent and Eli using their time wisely on Provo Peak). We then all hurried down and back to Provo for game 7 of the World Series! Go Cardinals.

View of the East side of Provo Peak from East Provo Peak. You can barely see Brent and Eli on the horizon.

Car to Car: 4 hours.
Total hiking time: 3 hours
Total Mileage: 3.6 miles
Total Elevation Gained: 2,800 ft.