Friday, July 1, 2011

Forgotten Peak and Mt.Timpanogos

Date: June 28, 2011
Location: Mt. Timpanogos via Forgotten Peak
Elevation: 11,749 ft.
Trailhead: 7,169 ft.
Difficulty: Steep snow
Personnel: Billie, Chris, Luke, and Kirk

We started at the Timpooneke Trailhead at 7,169 ft. around 4 am with day packs, snacks & water, layers, compass, headlamps, and some climbing gear which must include an ice axe (this time of year) and could include crampons. We followed the trail through the woods for half a mile and turned off the trail and north towards the snowy north ridge of Forgotten Peak.

We climbed a steep snow-filled couloir with crampons and ice axes until we gained the ridge.  We scrambled up the ridgeline to Forgotten Peak where we had great views of North Timp, Timp and the South Summit.  From here we made our way over towards the summer trail saddle.  This traverse required some significant scrambling and climbing.

We approached the Timp saddle which was capped by some overhanging cornices. The slope up the saddle and cornice was steep and a bit unstable, but it was the only way up. We found a gap in between cornices, which allowed us space to climb up onto the ridge from the steep slope.

We followed the rocky ridge to the main peak of Mt. Timpanogos, snapped some photos, ate some taco-flavored pringles (bad choice), and continued south down the ridge towards the Dry Creek Saddle in between the south and central peaks. From here we glissaded 3,000 vertical feet off the front of Timpanogos in about 20 minutes, which gave us all sore and numb butts. Once the snow ended, we followed Dry Creek 3 miles to the trailhead in Pleasant Grove, where we left a car. A long, adventurous, rewarding climb.

Photos here:
Timp June 28, 2011