Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Peaks: Mt. Nebo

Location: Mt. Nebo, Utah County, UT
Date: July/2010
Elevation: 11,928 ft.

Mt. Nebo is the tallest mountain in the Wastach range and in Utah County. The mountain has two major peaks, the northern peak being the highest. The traditional route begins near the Mount Nebo Scenic Byway and heads west towards the ridge and then follows the ridge straight up to the peak. It is a steep, yet enjoyable 8-mile round trip. Yet as is usual, we didn't take the easier, traditional route.

We took a smaller trail and traversed the entire eastern side of the mountain from north to south. Then we hit the trail to the south peak and climbed up to the summit ridge. We followed the summit ridge up to the south peak (11,877 ft.) and scrambled along the knife-edge ridge to the north peak (11,928 ft.) We snacked on some pringles as is our custom on peaks and headed down the traditional route towards the car. 12.1 miles in total. 2 11,000 ft. peaks down.