Monday, April 11, 2011

Peaks: Lone Peak

Location: Lone Peak, Salt Lake County, UT
Date: July/23/2010
Elevation: 11,253 ft

Lone Peak is the furthest west peak on the southern ridge of Little Cottonwood Canyon. The mountain and the surrounding area is all made of granite. The area was intruded by this granitic igneous body approximately 26 million years ago (Ma). The peak itself is a shear wall of granite 300 ft high. The cirque below the peak is often a camping spot for climbers.

There are two main routes up Lone Peak: 1) via Draper ridge (easier, faster) 2) via Bells Canyon. This entry is unique to most other Lone Peak trip reports because we took the longer and more rewarding Bells Canyon route.

Bells Canyon begins just south of Little Cottonwood canyon and winds its way east and eventually south around to the east side of the peak. Bells Canyon has steep walls on either side as it winds up through the thick forest alongside a prominent stream. The hike required a lot of energy but it was well worth our efforts. The peak offered views of Red and White Baldy, Pfeifferhorn, Box Elder Peak, Timpanogas, Mt. Olympus and others to the north.

We attempted a short cut off the east face down a steep couloir on our way down. We eventually made it off the face onto a steep ice field and into Bells Canyon. It still took us several hours to hike out. Long route=long day. My friend threw up. Stay hydrated.